My father introduced me to horror. At the age of six, he’d sit me down late at night when I didn’t want to go to sleep, and we’d watch The Twilight Zone together. I don’t know if it was because he actually enjoyed the series, or because he had a strange sense of humor and thought my screaming at night was entertaining. Either way, it opened my imagination to every possible monster that could be lurking anywhere in my room once the lights went out.

I wrote the Slaughter Series as an ode to all those monsters living under the bed, crouching behind a pile of clothes and snickering behind closet doors. It was a way to let them know that I appreciated their existence, and to please, please leave me alone.

Now that the series is coming out in digital box set, paperback, and audio, I make that very same plea. I’m tired of tucking my feet under the covers and making sure all the doors in my room are locked shut.

But who am I kidding, right? The monsters never really go away.

Slaughter Series Bonus Edition is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

A.I. Nasser