Isn’t thinking perhaps the worst action you can take?

My thoughts are terrible, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, and nighttime brings out the darkest parts of me. As the hours pass, I remember all the horrible and terrifying events of my past.

Late last night, when I’ve lost power, all my past fears returned. I am no longer a man with the responsibilities of husband and father.

I’m six years old again, alone in the dark.

There is no ambient light, or ambient noise. All I hear is my own shuddering breath, and the thumping of my heart. The fear that there is something beneath my bed is all too real, as is the dread of the creature in the closet, waiting patiently for me to fall asleep.

All these fears, these overwhelming terrors of childhood, wash over me, swamp me until I cower beneath my blankets with a flashlight, hoping for the electricity to come back on.

This is what it is to be afraid, and I have brought this fear with me to Anger, New Hampshire.

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See you in the shadows,

Ron Ripley