So, another Halloween is upon us—the best time to tell spooky tales, visit haunted houses, and dress up as our favorite monster. Yes, some of us do that all year round, but it’s nice to see normal people get involved once a year.

There was one childhood Halloween wherein I had dressed up as a ghost—the basic sheet with holes in it—and gone to a friend’s house for a party. I recall feeling a little off as I entered the house. But there were games, treats, the usual stuff for young kids, so that odd feeling was soon forgotten.

Later, I needed to use the bathroom, which was on the second floor. I reached the top of the stairs and noticed that the door in one of the upstairs rooms stood ajar. Beyond it was total darkness. I tried to ignore it and went about my business. But when I emerged from the bathroom, I saw that the door was no longer ajar, but open wide. I had to go past it to get downstairs again. So I ran, sure that someone would emerge from that room and pounce upon me.

But nothing happened. Nobody grabbed me. It was only later that I discovered four rips in the sheet, each at least a foot long. My mother was certain I’d been up to no good. But to me it looked as if four sharp fingernails had pierced the sheet during my dash past that open door.

You’ll find similar and even stranger tales in this volume of Tavern of Terror. Stories that will give you a pleasant shiver, and not so sweet dreams.

Best to stay indoors during Halloween, rather than venture out into the autumn chill, with all those trick or treaters about in those grotesque masks.

Because you can never be quite sure that they are all masks—can you?

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See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn