Some things can only be whispered about in the shadows. And even then, you’ll need a few shots of liquid courage first.

That’s why pubs like Hannigan’s exist.

It’s a safe place for adults to share their chilling stories of the macabre.

We find enough comfort huddling close to each other to voice the things we would normally never dare.

An actor tries to get his hands on a damning film after his blackmailer’s death but attempting to cover up the past risks unleashing horrors both new and old. A woman wakes to intruders breaking into her home, and her fight for survival leads to discoveries that are perhaps better left untouched. A man returns to his hometown on the anniversary of his friend’s death, and he learns that time doesn’t heal all wounds. And an artist tormented by a demon desperate to be given a physical form reaches her breaking point.

The nights are long at Hannigan’s, and the shadows are never empty.

Pull up a stool, hold on to your drink, and keep an eye on the door.

You never know what the night might hold.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy