As a child, the concept of appearances being deceiving or untrue seemed to pop up in all the books I read and cartoons I watched.

It made sense. We often take situations at face value and do not recognize they are not what they want us to believe.

Armed with this knowledge, I grew complacent, arrogant even. I would see one subterfuge and feel like it’s done. Riddle solved. All was good so long as I kept my eye on that one discovered deception.

But how about things that do seem off at first glance? Should we assume they’re tricks too and dismiss them as harmless?

The stories in Tavern of Terror Volume 5 are examples of such situations: A struggling stand-up comedian finally gets his big break, but everything about his new gig looks suspicious. A man discovers his burn injuries are more sinister than what his doctor claim. And a strange, wealthy man offering the town drunk a fresh start gives us a glimpse of our beloved tavern’s origin.

Old wisdom can save us. We need to keep our eyes wide open and our minds sharp.

Because sometimes, things aren’t as they seem.

Other times, though, bad things are right in front of us, not even bothering to disguise themselves.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy