There’s this story that has stuck in my head since I first heard it.

A woman went to an evening mass at her local church. She noticed a man watching her. She hadn’t seen him before and thought he was quite handsome.

Her feelings quickly changed when he approached her after the service. He invited her to come and have a drink with him.

There was something in his persistence that put her on edge. As he spoke, a little voice whispered in the back of her mind. He wants you to go with him so he can kill you. So she politely declined and hurriedly left.

Watching the news later that night, she saw a newly arrested serial killer.

It was the man at the church.

While I’ve never verified this account, I always let it sit in my mind. Like the characters in this volume of Tavern of Terror, it reminds me of a very important life lesson: when embracing the wonderful strangeness of life, keep an eye on what’s coming your way.

A man forms a unique kind of support group. A couple buys a house that once belongs to a killer and wonders if his influence has truly left. A storm uproots a secret that has been buried for years. And we explore what Hannigan’s is from a dead person’s point of view.

Life is both beautiful and horrific. Be wary about which side is coming for you.

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