As a solo female traveler, I once stayed at a hotel that was built right near a party road—a central city street lined with bars, clubs, and late-night restaurants.

Numerous locals warned me to never stray from the main road. These warnings made me curious, but I followed them, nonetheless.

Then came the night after some heavy partying. The combination of alcohol, fatigue, and unfamiliarity got the better of me.

And I took a wrong turn.

It was the silence that struck me first. A few steps and all the chaos of the main street became muffled. Then I sensed something ahead, tucked into the shadows, waiting for me to come closer. I sprinted back to the main street.

For the rest of my trip, I went out of my way to avoid that area.

But some people don’t get to have that choice. Like the unfortunate souls from the latest volume of Tavern of Terror:

A couple moves into a long-abandoned home. The previous owners might be long gone, but they left behind a warning of something sinister.

An infamous food critic dines at a mysterious new restaurant. The experience is life changing.

A home invasion goes horribly wrong. But a very unlikely source won’t let the woman’s death go unavenged.

We all have survival instincts.

But they’re not always enough to keep us beyond the monster’s reach.

And some of us are not that lucky to escape once caught.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy