Have you ever felt an inexplicable shiver down your spine, as if unseen forces were at play?

In my teenage years, my friends and I loved indulging in movie nights. Those nights often extended until the early hours, and I would find myself driving home through deserted backroads. The emptiness of the streets offered the perfect opportunity to crank up the music I secretly enjoyed.

One fateful night, as I cruised down a solitary stretch with the wind in my hair while singing along to questionable lyrics, an eerie feeling washed over me.

It was as if I weren’t alone, despite the lack of other cars or houses nearby. I even glanced into the backseat, half-expecting to find a ghost passenger.

Then, as abruptly as it came, the sensation vanished, leaving me even more perplexed and unsettled.

What had just happened? Was it a mere trick of my mind, my survival instincts on high alert?

Or was it something else entirely?

This volume of Tavern of Terror holds another set of captivating tales, each delving into its own mysterious realm of the unknown: A homeless man takes a chance on a clinical trial, only to experience unimaginable side effects. Another man finds his dreams haunting his waking life, blurring the line between reality and nightmare. And for those familiar with Craig Ellison, he returns with a new, extraordinary business venture—one that may lead to more opportunities to cash in on the world of the deceased.

In the shadows, we’re never truly alone. The proximity of something mysterious lingers, whether we’re aware of it or not…

…whether we acknowledge it or not.

So best to be alert at all times. You just never know what’s out there waiting.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy