It’s the hidden things that have always scared me the most.

When I was little, my family took me to a wildlife park. I’m Australian; so that naturally involved enduring unbearable heat to look at snakes and spiders.

We passed this pond, its waters calm and glistening, and I instantly decided that I wanted to go for a swim. I would have climbed the gate if my parents hadn’t been so observant.

That was when I spotted the strange man with a milk crate tied to the end of a rope. I watched, slightly curious, as he tossed the crate into that swimming pool. Instantly, the waters broke, and a prehistoric monster surged from the depths, its colossal jaws snapping shut with an audible crack.

The whole time I had been plotting to get into that water, a hungry sixteen foot long, two-thousand-pound Australian saltwater crocodile had been lurking just below the surface.

And I never knew it was there.

Perhaps this experience is why I’ve always gravitated to tales of unknown horrors. In this collection, we delve into what is there but remains unseen; hidden rage, hidden monsters, and the hidden consequences of the things we do in the dark.

So, curl up and enjoy. Just remember that the shadows aren’t always as empty as we think they are.

Terror in the Shadows Volume 12 is now available on Amazon, priced at 99c for a limited time only!

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy