…And not all of them are easy to live with—or survive.

There’s a childhood event that always reminds me to think before I act.

We had rented a houseboat for a short vacation and were anchored near a deserted island. I remember how the island was ringed with golden-sand beach and surrounded by the endless ocean.

We had been swimming, and I was the last one in the water. My father had made me promise not to go far while he was busy helping my brothers. I decided that I was a far better swimmer than he gave me credit for. I ventured off and a riptide caught me.

To this day, my family assures me that I didn’t get dragged too far away before I was rescued. But I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sheer terror of being sucked out into open water.

Or the feeling that this one mistake would have had me killed.

The people in this volume fight to survive the consequences of their horrible miscalculations. A group of friends must face what happens when a prank goes wrong. A new friendship opens the door to something sinister. An offer for some easy cash comes with grotesque strings attached. And refusing to uphold a tribute angers the restless dead.

Be careful what decisions you make, dear reader.

There will always be hidden consequences you may not be able to outrun.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy