Thrilled me—filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before.

The Raven, Edgar Allan Poe

When I was little, and not particularly bright, I thought Poe’s The Raven was a cautionary tale about staying up too late reading.

After all, it’s about a man who had spent hours poring over his books, alone, in a room where ‘each separate dying ember wrought its ghosts upon the floor’. It was for me to convince myself that he was reading something to send chills down his spine. A story so twisted that any unexpected bump becomes proof of something sinister lurking just beyond the door.

In defense of my younger self, why else would my parents repeatedly stop me from reading late into the night if it wasn’t to prevent ‘Raven’-like incidences?’

But now I’m older, and I can revel in my poor choices. For these nights, I’ve found that anthologies are the best. When you’re curled up in the glow of a lamp, you don’t want to read of only one horror that could be lurking in the clustered shadows. You want worlds of them. Plucked from dozens of delightfully demented minds to chill and thrill you in ways you’ve never felt before.

So stay with us a little longer. Settle in, keep the light on…

And learn what else is out there to fear.

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See you in the Shadows,

Sara Clancy