At Scare Street we have a little game I like to call ‘Scare Me More’. What happens is that every author, whether it’s Ron, David, Sara or I, shares a short story, and the others try to up the scare with their next one. And so on. It’s not an official game, but we have fun, and recently, we’ve been adding more players… just to spice things up. 

The result? A collection of stories I personally would not want to read with the lights off. It’s always a challenge when you’re surrounded by talented writers, and with every short we write, we try our best to scare the hell out of each other and out of you, our devoted reader. Of course, the harder we try, the more we really dig into the darkest corners of our minds for the tales that would leave you shaking to the bone.

So go to that reading spot you love the most, get comfortable, and make sure you have someone in the house with you. After all, you need an excuse for why there’s a knocking in the other room, or a random cough from the shadows.

 And do us a favor… keep the lights on. There’s no telling what’s standing over your shoulder in the dark.

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Terror in the Shadows Volume 2
Terror in the Shadows Volume 3 (now available)

Terror in the Shadows Volume 3 is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

A. I. Nasser