I have always been fascinated by the macabre. By the things that go bump in the night.

What other people call nightmares, I call playgrounds. I can’t count the number of hours I spent huddled up in my room at night, turning page after page, equally thrilled and scared by the power in the words of King, Koontz, Poe, and a host of others.

The works of the masters of the horror genre indulged my love of all things creepy and unsettling. It’s because of them that I found my own voice.

With The Broken Girl, I aim to take you on a trip into the grisly and morbid, with a group of friends who harbor a terrible secret—a secret born that night, many years ago, when they made a pact in the wake of a young girl’s death.

They eventually learn though the past never truly stays buried and that secrets will always find their way to the light.

If you enjoy curling up at night, treating yourself to scares that burn slow but intense, give The Broken Girl a try.

I promise, you won’t lose too much sleep. Probably.

Episode 1 of The Broken Girl is now released on Kindle Vella (initially available to US Customers)! First three episodes are free!

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See you in the shadows,
Kevin Saito