Body horror is one of the most terrifying subgenres out there and it holds a special place in my heart.

Lots of classic horror is, at its core, body horror. What is a werewolf or a vampire but a monster made by warping the flesh of a normal human? And it’s terrifying to think that something will attack you not from the outside, but from within.

Films like The Thing and Resident Evil inspired The Darkness Within. For this story, I wanted Dezzy and Vincent in a location where there’s much less freedom. Vincent is still able to travel beyond this world, but he’s rooted in this evil laboratory full of monsters.

The book focuses on Thomas Coulson, the psychic who slaughtered people and got away with it. And once again, Vincent is proven wrong in what he thinks he knows.

I wanted Coulson to be a character that was hard to understand and maybe a bit of a jerk. After all, what would any of us be like if we knew the thoughts of everyone around us all the time?

And Vincent is closing in on the truth of who he is. But there are a few steps left to get there.

All he has to do is live long enough to figure it all out.

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