The idea of losing your freedom and autonomy, that you can be trapped, and at the mercy of others who can literally do anything they want, is very scary. Mix in a haunted mental asylum and a demonic child, and it’s a perfect recipe for fear.

Vincent has faced witches, and corpses, and evil djinn. But what he hasn’t experienced is being alone and helpless. Being forced to doubt what he thinks is real after all this time. And being at the mercy of a doctor who could be a tool of a demon, or just a sadistic madman.

What do you do when no one believes you and they’re holding you captive to make you “better”?

Vincent is left to fend for himself here as Dezzy and the crew race to find him before it’s too late.

And along the way, Vincent finally learns some terrible truths about himself and the ritual—those answers he’s been seeking since everything started.

This book is really about what makes you afraid. Fear is, after all, only in our minds.

But that doesn’t mean the thing that makes us afraid isn’t real.

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