We finally come to the end of the Shadow King’s story.

We now arrive at the ultimate resolution that sees the fight between Lazarus and Shane explode.

This one really plays off the idea of things never always being as they seem. For better or for worse, Shane fills in a lot of blanks with intuition and deduction.

But maybe that’s not always enough when dealing with a being like Lazarus who has been around for centuries.

We wanted to bring back some familiar faces here, characters we didn’t get to know well before, even if it seemed like some of them had been deader than dead for a while. That’s the power of Lazarus and the mysterious metal, selenium.

A lot of the inspiration for this came from the idea of a road trip to say goodbye to someone who’s passed on. Ian once drove cross-country with a friend to spread the ashes of someone who had passed, and it brought back memories of things said and done along the same path and in the same places they were traveling.

It’s revisiting the way things were towards the final goodbye which can be bittersweet, whether ghosts are involved or not.

We hope the walk down memory lane resonates, and the final conflict answers some questions while posing new ones Shane will have to deal with in more detail down the road.

The Shadow King (Shadow King Series Book 3) is now available on Amazon!

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