Witches are such a big part of the history of horror. They can be good or bad, their powers can be nearly limitless, and they can fit into any timeline in history. Along with vampires and werewolves, they’re really some of the most fun and malleable things to work with.

A witch is a human first, then you can make them a monster, or something different, which makes for a really meaty character.

I wanted to have Vincent move on from the abject horror of the walking dead to something even more terrifying—real people.

The lines between good and evil blur when you start to understand the motivations of a villain. They get even blurrier when you can’t trust your own memories.

Vincent has his own magic now, but he doesn’t have answers. I wanted to draw on some of that otherworldly magic you see in movies like The Witch or even Harry Potter, where unlike Vincent’s Necromancy, it seems like witches can literally do anything.

And from there, it becomes a question: How do you ever hope to battle someone who commands such power?

The Witch’s Wrath is a story about redemption and trust. And it’s also a story about monsters both real and imagined. It’s another step towards Vincent understanding who he truly is, whether he likes what he learns or not.

So go grab yourself a cupcake from the Black Tree Bakery, and join Vincent and Dezzy on this road trip to Burnham, Massachusetts.

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See you in the shadows,

Ian Fortey