When I was a boy—which was some time ago—one of the great pleasures in life was also one of my great fears. I was always keen to stay up late and watch a horror movie. I particularly loved the old classics—Universal Pictures, Hammer Films, and many others.

In my new book, I hope I can recreate some of the pleasure—and fear—that I felt back then, when the monster was hinted at.

In this new series, I also get to create that vital character, a professor who knows all about the weird stuff. Throw in a young woman who witnesses a terrible killing in a forest after dark and a mysterious creature held captive in a cellar, and you have got some classic ingredients.

Of course, there must be paranormal monsters, too—swift, deadly, always ready to spring. The beast lies within us, but it is also Out There—in the trees, in the alleyways, out on the moors…

I hope you will enjoy meeting Mortlake and Tara in Wolfsbane and that you’ll stay with them throughout this six-book series. It will not be a pleasant journey for them, but it will be great fun for the rest of us.

Wolfsbane (Mortlake Series Book 1) is now available on Amazon for only 99c!

See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn