Nightmare Revelation

Nightmare Revelation (Nightmare Series Book 3) by David Longhorn

Nightmare Revelation

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Nightmare Series, Book 3

By: David Longhorn

Narrated by: Thom Bowers

Series: Nightmare Series, Book 3

Length: 6 hrs and 24 mins

Categories: Fiction, Horror

Deadly secrets lurk within the dark tunnels of the London Underground....

The nightmare of Machen continues to cast a deep shadow of gloom as dreadful stories of murder and mayhem make their way into London. But death comes knocking when a thick fog crawls through the night and shape-shifting killers scour the city. No one is safe, and the smell of fear lingers in the air.

Ted Gould and Doctor Zoffany of the Ramola Foundation are all too aware of the dangers, and their sights are set on the metropolis. With the help of former television presenter Denny Purcell, they slowly discover the ghastly dimension housing the powerful creatures.

New alliances are formed, and Denny’s natural talents are put to the test yet again. As the monsters leave a trail of horror in their wake, the thin veil keeping them at bay is quickly disappearing. With each discovery more horrific than the last, the Ramola Foundation has their hands full.

It won’t be long before the monsters conquer their world and transform it into a bloody version of their own.One nightmare at a time.

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