Nightmare Rising

Nightmare Rising (Nightmare Series Book 6) by David Longhorn

Nightmare Rising

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Supernatural Suspense with Scary & Horrifying Monsters (Nightmare Series, Book 6)

By: David LonghornScare Street

Narrated by: Thom Bowers

Series: Nightmare Series, Book 6

Length: 7 hrs and 29 mins

Categories: FictionHorror

Humanity’s final nightmare has begun....

After discovering the existence of the monstrous Interlopers, reporter Denny Purcell’s life has become a living hell. She has been hunted, tortured, and experimented on. Her flesh has been fused to an alien symbiont, and every day is a struggle to keep her humanity. But her nightmare has only just begun. 

The Interlopers launch an all-out attack, releasing a bioweapon that plunges London into chaos. As panic tears the city apart, Denny fights to lead a band of survivors to safety. But even if she can escape the devastation, the sadistic invaders have unleashed a bloodthirsty horde to hunt down the remnants of humanity. 

As Denny and the others flee for their lives, the psychic abilities given to her by the symbiont reveal a chilling secret. The Task Force assigned to hunt down the Interlopers has been infiltrated by beings known as Nomads. These strange interdimensional wanderers have manipulated both humans and Interlopers alike. And their insidious lust for conflict will ultimately end in the destruction of both races. 

Caught between two sinister forces, Denny is forced to fight for humanity and her life...but is she already too late?

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