Nightmare Spawn

Nightmare Spawn (Nightmare Series Book 5) by David Longhorn

Nightmare Spawn: Nightmare Series Book 5

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Nightmare Series, Book 5

By: David Longhorn

Narrated by: Thom Bowers

Series: Nightmare Series, Book 5

Length: 6 hrs and 25 mins

Categories: Fiction, Horror

A terror from beyond lurks within a shadowy English town....

Reporter Denny Purcell is on the run. After exposing the existence of monsters known as Interlopers, she has earned the wrath of their queen, Casandra. Implanted with an alien parasite in her spine, Denny has managed to fight the queen’s telepathic control for now. The sluglike symbiont grants her psychic abilities, but each day, she fears she may lose her mind and become Casandra’s slave.  

When Denny travels to the Northern English town of Fordham, she uncovers massive Interloper activity in the area. But she is not the only one hunting the sinister invaders. A clandestine government agency known as the Task Force contacts her with shocking new intelligence: Cassandra herself is lurking in the shadows of the nearby Interloper nest.  

Using her new abilities, Denny and the Task Force stage an assault on the terrifying monsters’ headquarters, hoping to end the nightmare once and for all. But Denny has a secret objective, one she has kept hidden from her new allies. And she’s willing to strike a deal with Cassandra to make it happen. 

As human and alien blood alike is spilled, Denny must decide. How far is she willing to go to reclaim her humanity?

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