I love the part of western England that borders the ancient principality of Wales. These borderlands are rich in history – a place where Romans, Saxons, Celts, and Norman French warriors all clashed. This region also has a wealth of myths and legends – including those of mysterious beings that dwell in – or under – the ancient, brooding hills.

In Nightmare Valley, I try to conjure up some of the sense of mystery that dwells there. The ingredients of the tale are, I think, interesting.

The small town of Machen is named after a Victorian clergyman and author who lived and wrote some very strange horror stories. One of these tales concerns unusual ‘children’ that are not really children at all.

The idea of a place without a war memorial – a very strange absence in England – came from a fellow writer. Put these diverse ingredients together and you’ll get, I hope, a setting for a weird and unsettling adventure.

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Nightmare Valley by David LonghornYours eerily,

David Longhorn