Nightmare Valley

Nightmare Valley (Nightmare Series Book 2) by David Longhorn

Nightmare Valley

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Nightmare Series, Book 2

By: David Longhorn

Narrated by: Thom Bowers

Series: Nightmare Series, Book 2

Length: 7 hrs and 20 mins

Categories: Fiction, Horror

Soulless eyes of children stare into yours, opening the gateway to hell....

Months have passed since the Malpas Massacre, and the media is in the midst of a feeding frenzy. Reporters and law enforcement are certain the murders can be traced to a cold-blooded serial killer. But those who have survived the carnage know the truth all too well. As the victims become suspects, they find themselves in a race against time to clear their names.  

Meanwhile, the peaceful town of Machen is hiding secrets darker than the eerie forest surrounding it. Vulnerable and wide-eyed children roam, pleading for help. Yet, behind their innocent facade lies a resurrected evil with an insatiable thirst for blood.  

Led by Doctor Zoffany and Ted Gould, the Ramola Foundation won't let that happen. They're certain their extensive tests on Machen's supernatural forces will lead them to much-needed answers. At the heart of it all is Denny Purcell, who slowly discovers her intuition is more powerful than she could have ever imagined.  

As the night fills with predators, the mists of Machen lift to unveil hideous truths about its past. The whole town is on edge, and residents must face the violent souls who crave death and destruction. 

The quiet town will quickly learn that some secrets are better left untold....

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