An abandoned house. A forgotten evil. Home sweet home…

Dive into the mysteries of Berkley Street.

Journey through 9 novels filled with supernatural horror that will send shivers down your spine.

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Can You Face Your Childhood Fears?

Shane Ryan returns to his hometown of Nashua, and the childhood memories that have haunted him throughout his life. Something sinister prowls the shadows of his family home. And a darkness threatens to destroy all he holds dear.

Twenty years ago, the dark force took Shane's family. They vanished within the halls of their shadowy old house. Now, more relatives have gone missing. But a childhood memory stirs in his mind - a long-forgotten encounter with a sinister presence that has always lurked just out of sight.

To confront this malevolent evil, Shane must peel back the secrets of his former home. His investigation will take him on a journey that challenges everything he thought he knew about himself and his past. But can he banish his demons once and for all?

Or will the darkness consume him…

This digital box set contains the complete Berkley Street series. 9 terrifying novels of supernatural horror guaranteed to chill you to the bone.


A Lifetime of Nightmares

Shane turned to the counter, went to the sink, and threw up the coffee and protein bar which had served as lunch. He spat several times into the sink to rid his mouth of the taste.
Suddenly the pipes clanked under the cabinet, and he took a nervous step back.
“The water’s on, Shane,” a voice whispered from behind him.
He snapped around but saw nothing.
The faucet groaned, and water splashed loudly into the sink.
With a shudder, he turned around and saw the water. It came out of the tap quickly. 
Something cold brushed his ear and an old voice hissed,

Welcome home, Shane.

  • Amazing


    Stephen King, move over for your successor…

  • Ron's Nightmares


    I don't know what author Ron Ripley's nightmares are like, but he certainly knows how to bring on the scares, in every single story.

  • Must Read!


    A must read for those who like chilling haunted house stories. Twisted like The Shining!

  • Very scary


    A unique and compelling supernatural horror series!

  • Good Read


    Twists and turns you don't expect suddenly lurch out to grab you!

  • Haunts or Humans


    I finished unsure which scared me more: the haunts, or the humans [shudder]

  • I'm a fan now!


    I am now hooked, The Berkley Street Series by Ron Ripley has become my favorite read thus far. It has all the blood gore and scare you can stand, and the characters, you will either love them or truly hate them. Read this book in one sitting. On to the next one. ;) Happy reading…

  • Can't stop!


    I stayed up all night to read this one. The last book I did that with was "Christine" written by Stephen King.

    I just couldn't stop and had to see where this book was going. I really enjoyed this book.

    This is not my first book by Ron and it definitely will not be my last. He has become one of my "go-to" authors when looking for something good to read, he'll become one of yours too!


Embark on an unforgettable journey with the complete Berkley Street series in one digital box set.

Experience the thrill of 9 bone-chilling novels and a bonus ebook, each weaving a tale of supernatural horror that will leave you breathless.

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