step into a world where every sound tells a chilling tale

Immerse yourself in a monstrous 7+ hour audiobook and an ebook containing 13 tales, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

darkness conceals unspeakable terror...

An old woman’s obsession with youth leads her to purchase a cursed appliance from a sinister antique shop. A new homeowner discovers her property comes with a deadly addition. And dark forces stalk a troop of innocent Boy Scouts when they spend the night on a haunted aircraft carrier....

Scare Street is proud to present Night Terrors Volume 1. A bone-chilling anthology of fiendish fiction, featuring 13 terrifying tales for your reading pleasure, and for those who prefer to listen, over 7+ hours of spine-tingling terror in audiobook format.

Just be careful you don’t lose track of time as you meander through this shadowy landscape of dreams and nightmares. Because, once the sun sets, something waits for you in the darkness of night.

And if it finds you, you may never see daylight again....


Tune Into Terror

Crank up the sound and brace yourself for a haunting sneak peek.

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  • Surprised at the end...


    I really enjoyed this anthology - it felt like fresh ideas in each story and that’s what locked me in.

    I like it when stories make me think a little or I’m surprised at the end and this one had both assets.

    Highly recommend. I’ve already preordered book 2!

  • Really great shorts!


    Absolutely loved these short stories! Some of them had me checking over my shoulder! 🤣 I definitely recommend this audiobook!

  • Awaken the Scares!!


    Explore horror, both internal and external. These tales will wake your terrors, boggle your mind, and sink roots into your imagination.

  • Very scary


    These were very well-thought-out short stories. They must’ve been someone’s nightmares before they became stories.

    Very scary indeed! I enjoyed every moment!

  • Good Listen


    I liked this audiobook it was a good and fast listen because it's not really long but it held my attention the whole time and that's what's important.

    I highly recommend it to anybody who enjoys a good story.

  • Haunted Nightmares


    The stories were scary, just how I like them! I recommend this book to anyone who likes listening to short, creepy stories before they go to sleep.

    Happy haunted nightmares!

  • I'm a fan now!


    Now I have to get all the other books too!!! I enjoyed a good portion of the stories. Some were true gems!!! My favorites were the Ron Ripley stuff!!

  • Can't stop listening!


    Love all the stories. Very entertaining. Once I start listening I can’t seem to stop until I have finished listening to all the stories.



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