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Night's End: Cult of the Endless Night Series Book 3

Night's End: Cult of the Endless Night Series Book 3

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The world’s greatest ghost hunter has finally met his match…

Shane Ryan has faced supernatural evil beyond imagination. As a ghost hunter and retired Marine, Shane is no stranger to violence. But when his own home is invaded by a sinister force, it sets him off on a path straight into the heart of darkness itself…

Following the lead of an old fortune teller, Shane discovers that a powerful ghost named Thomas Coulson was responsible for desecrating his home. And this spirit has left a trail of clues, leading Shane on a breathless cross-country chase.

But as Shane closes in on his prey, he quickly discovers that Coulson is no ordinary ghost. In life, Coulson was a skilled ghost hunter himself. His vast knowledge and powerful abilities make him a foe unlike any other. And Shane is forced to admit that this time, he may be in over his head…

Can Shane Ryan defeat an enemy that knows his every move?

193 pages

Chapter 4: The Path Forward

“No offense, James, but that was time I couldn’t afford to waste,” Shane said, heading back to the car.

“I don’t think it was a waste. I think she was right.”

“About what?” Shane’s voice disturbed the nearby chickens who clucked their dismay and scattered to the weeds. He didn’t want to take his anger out on James, but it was building and continued to do so.

“She said you’d met this ghost before,” he answered. “That it took something from you.”

“Yeah, and? Rarely do I get robbed by ghosts, and never one like this.”

“But you were robbed. Just days ago, in fact. Hempstead’s ghosts,” James told him. Shane stopped and looked at the other man, suddenly remembering the drive from Hempstead’s estate, the crash.

“I saw it, yeah. Well, I didn’t. It was more like a shadow. But it was with me in the car. And... it felt exactly how Rabbit had described. I can’t explain it.”

“Indeed,” James said.

“But it didn’t kill me. Why? Why let me go and then steal Carl later?”

“She said I knew of it as well,”

James continued.

“And yes, I may know the ghost after all.”

Shane pulled a cigarette from his pack and looked at the other man as he lit it, waiting for more.

“She used the words ‘sight unseen’, do you recall?”

Shane nodded.

“Does that mean anything to you?”

“There was this man. From Arizona. I heard he had died, and indeed returned as a ghost.”

Shane drew in a lungful of smoke and exhaled slowly. That was not a typical beginning to any story.

“His name was Thomas Coulson. He worked with a group called Sight Unseen. Hunting ghosts and such,”

James continued.

Shane spit a flake of the tea herb into the weeds. Thomas Coulson. Sounded forgettable and wasn’t ringing any bells for him.

“So how’s this Coulson involved? What’s his connection?”

“He’s your ghost,”

James explained.

“He’s got to be. Why would Nellie mention Sight Unseen if—”

“But how? How’s he getting from Hempstead’s house to my house to wherever the hell he took Carl? He got a chauffeur driving him around?”

“I don’t know,”

James replied. “But I think this is what you’re looking for.”

“What makes him so special? These aren’t answers, James. None of this is making sense.”

“Does it matter right now?” It doesn’t, Shane thought. But only if he was their guy. If not, it was a wild goose chase that could waste more valuable time. But it was the only lead they had.

“I never met Coulson; I’d only heard of him. I heard he was a gifted ghost hunter. Beyond gifted. He had psychic abilities. I don’t know how he died, but I heard that his group started up again after his apparent death. It’s worth a look.”

“Why’s this Coulson working for the Endless Night?” Shane asked.

James shook his head.

“I have no answer to that, I’m afraid,” he said. Shane knew he wouldn’t, but the glaring holes in the entire scenario frustrated him. Maybe Thomas Coulson did steal Carl’s. Maybe he was a ghost but somehow different. Maybe he was working for the Endless Night. But so much was unexplained in all of that.

The attacker at Hempstead’s had left him mostly unharmed. The thief in his house hadn’t damaged or disturbed anything else. What was missing from the picture?

“What can you tell me about this…

Sight Unseen?” Shane asked.

If that was still operating, then it was a place he could go with real people he could talk to.

“Not much,” James admitted, taking a phone from his pocket. “But the miracle of the internet can make up for my shortcomings.”

He typed something into the phone and then directed the display towards Shane.

Sight Unseen had an address listed in Phoenix.

“‘Psychic and paranormal investigators. No job too big or too small. Call today.’”

Shane read the page aloud, then looked at James.

“They’re on the internet?”

“Most everyone is,”

James said. “Should I call?”

“No,” Shane said. He’d have to pay them a visit.

If Arizona was where he came from and he left a group behind, it would be Shane’s best bet for finding who he was and what he was up to.

“To Arizona then, is it?”

James asked.

“Looks like,” Shane said. It would be a long drive. He wouldn’t get there for at least two days.

He had enough time to plan a strategy.

“Very well. Unless you need me further, I believe it’s time for us to part ways again.

Shane couldn’t blame him for wanting to go back underground. This was not the sort of thing he was equipped to deal with. Shane wasn’t sure anyone was equipped to deal with it.

If the Endless Night is employing such tactics, I’d like to stay off their radar,” James said.

Shane couldn’t blame him for wanting to go back underground. This was not the sort of thing he was equipped to deal with. Shane wasn’t sure anyone was equipped to deal with it.

“Once I get things sorted—”

“You’ll break into my shop again,”

James finished for him. “Worry about yourself first.”

“I’ll do what I can,” Shane said. They returned to their parked cars and James popped his trunk, inviting Shane to come over. “I wouldn’t say I have an arsenal on hand, but if there’s anything you think you’ll need here, please help yourself.”

Shane surveyed the contents of the older man’s trunk; there was salt, lead, iron, and more. A good deal of defensive items that would leave most ghosts scattered or trapped if someone were to get the drop on them.

Shane’s supplies had been diminished after his last go-round with the Endless Night, so he stocked up on some more salt and a few lead boxes, some iron filings, and a new tire iron. His plan was less to defend against Coulson— or whoever he was looking for— and more to

destroy him once and for all. But he’d be prepared no matter what.

Once Shane had transferred the supplies to his trunk, he and James paused, taking a moment just outside the ragged trailer park property of the fortune teller.

“I wish you good luck, Shane. Please be careful,” James said, extending his hand.

Shane took it and shook, looking the other man in the eye.

“If there’s a way to put an end to this, I’ll find it.”

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