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Soul Master: Soul Collector Series Book 3

Soul Master: Soul Collector Series Book 3

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Death rides the dark night roads. And Shane Ryan follows…

There isn’t enough whiskey in the world to drown the memories that plague Shane Ryan. A retired Marine, Shane is no stranger to violence and bloodshed. And as a ghost hunter, he has faced nightmares beyond imagination. But nothing could prepare him for this…

Tracking the Blood and Silver biker gang to Mexico, Shane is determined to eradicate this sinister band of human traffickers once and for all. But when his clash with these vile gangsters reveals the presence of a ghostly killer, Shane realizes he may be in over his head. Because this unholy presence isn’t working alone.

Children, have been forced to sacrifice their souls, all to relieve the pain of a human puppet master, lurking behind the scenes. This cruel yet tormented foe has joined forces with the evil spirit behind the kidnappings. Together, they play a deadly game with the forces of life and death.

And to stop them both, Shane will need the help of allies.

Both the living and the dead…

255 pages

Chapter 2: Disappointed

Shane looked down at his knapsack and sighed.

He had the barest of essentials packed away, but the one item he wanted to bring —his .45 Colt— had to stay behind. He doubted he’d be able to find a firearm in Mexico. To hunt down a black market dealer wouldn’t be the challenge. Getting the weapon without ending up dead was.

“You seem preoccupied, my young friend,” Carl said from behind him.

Shane nodded and chuckled. “Yeah, you might say that.”

“You are worried about weapons,” Carl continued, stepping forward so Shane might see him. “Logistics, as it were.”

“Yup.” Shane took out his cigarettes, shook out the last Lucky from the pack, and lit it. Exhaling through his nose, he added, “Most of what’s in there are cigarettes. Whiskey, food, clothes —I can find all that in Mexico. Not too sure about Lucky Strikes, though.”

“Are they so important?”

Shane snorted. “How can you even ask that?”

“There was a time when you were quitting,” Carl said softly.

“She was still alive then, too.” Shane didn’t hide the bitterness in his voice. He picked up Cannery Row by John Steinbeck, held the book gently for a moment, and then slipped it into his bag. “No reason to quit smoking. Sure as hell, no reason to quit drinking.”

Carl didn’t reply, and Shane sighed.

“I’m sorry, Carl,” Shane said. “I’m not in a good mood.”

“There are no apologies necessary, my young friend. None at all.” Carl smiled. “Now, I wanted to ask if there are any other further instructions you had before you left.”

Shane shook his head. “You know the deal. Anyone looks funny, scare them off.

Anybody breaks in, give them to the dark ones.”

Carl frowned. “Do you think that will be necessary?”

“I sure as hell hope not,” Shane stated. “Thing is, I’m pretty sure Blood and Silver’s going to be gunning for me soon if they’re not already about it. Protect the fort, Carl. Keep everyone safe. No one should be in here. Everyone living who mattered is dead, and only the dead who matter are here.”

Carl nodded.

“Come on.” Shane picked up his bag. “Let’s go outside and sit on the front steps like we did when I was a kid. I miss that, sometimes.”

“You were often scared when you were younger,” Carl pointed out as they left the room.

“I had good reason to be.”

“Yes, it was not a pleasant time in the house,” Carl admitted. “But you had your parents.”

“Still do,” Shane muttered. “They’re here. Somewhere.”

“Do you think the house will ever give them back?” Carl asked after a moment.

Shane looked at him with surprise. “No. I don’t think it would be good if they did.”

“Why not?” Carl asked.

“Look at me,” Shane said, coming to a stop. “Look at my scars. What do my eyes say, Carl? Am I the teenager who went off to the Marines? Same kid who shipped out to Parris Island?”

“No,” Carl answered.

“No. Not even close.” Shane started down the steps. “I don’t think my parents would want to look in my face. They’d see who I’ve become, and that’s not anything they would want, and it sure as hell isn’t what I want.”

“What do you think you’ve become, my young friend?” Carl asked gently.

Shane remained silent until they reached the front door.

“A killer, Carl,” he said, stepping out into the sunshine. “That’s what I’ve become. And there are times when I like it.”

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