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Sharon M. White (Supernatural Suspense)

Sharon M. White

Sharon M. White is a mother living in the Appalachian foothills of Upper East Tennessee, where the weather is determined to be her foe for life. Living so far from a tropical paradise, she tends to write scary and macabre stories just to get back at the weather. She hopes it scares away the rain and cold.

In her spare time, she loves to tell her family big, bold, and brilliant story ideas, useless factoids, and endless rhetoric on varied and checkered subjects. The kids would rather eat their veggies than submit to her chatter, but she doesn't mind.

When she isn't torturing her family, she writes. Mostly, she writes dark stories about things that scare her. Some days, she's convinced that all the monsters are real.

During dark and moonless nights, she hopes they are not.

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Blake Rossi Series

Demon Knight
Book 1

​Sins of the Father
Book 1

Short Stories

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 2

Short Horror Stories Volume 7

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 3

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 4

Terror in the Shadows
Volume 5

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