There is nothing quite like being in a rickety cabin, on the top of a mountain, during a raging storm, and there is something screaming just outside your door. It happened to me once and that was enough.

I was working at a remote resort, where the only way in or out was a thin winding road nestled against a sheer drop off, and the staff accommodation was a converted shipping container. On this dark and stormy night – really, that’s the best way to describe it – the sheeting rain was thick enough to cut off all traces of the outside world. It was just me, in this little box in the middle of nowhere, with the howling wind trying to beat its way inside. And then the screaming started.

As it turned out, I had been lucky enough that night to hear the call of an endangered species. Which is further proof for my theory that God made most Australian animals as a practical joke on humans. But it also left my writer’s brain wondering what other unknown creatures could have been lurking out there within the rain.

When I started writing the Banshee series, I knew that the isolation of the setting was a perfect opportunity to combine a long stretch of highway with the storm of my memories. An Irish legend of a demonic hunting party that rode on the wind and I was ready to write the biggest challenge my banshee has ever faced.

I hope you enjoy this story and thank you for joining me once again in Fort Wayward

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