Almost anything can inspire a writer of supernatural fiction. A bleak landscape, an abandoned building, a snatch of overheard conversation. And sometimes all it takes is a single word. Ouroboros – a snake with its own tail in its mouth. It’s haunted me for years, and the image is all around once you start looking for it. But what does it mean? What might have been its original significance?

The circular pattern reminded me of the stone circles that are found all over Britain and Ireland. Might there be a connection? And why do snake-beings appear in so many myths and legends, all over the world? As I mulled over these disparate notions, I began to put together a mythology of my own, one linking symbolism, and legend. The cult of Ouroboros, shadowy and influential, was born.

The last ingredient was the village of Wychmere, a close-knit community enclosed within a ring of ancient, mysterious stones. Wychmere is a real place, slightly modified. It’s called Avebury, and the stones that encircle the village are every bit as mysterious as those in fictional Wychmere. Are there any snakes in the vicinity? Well, last time I was there, I didn’t see any. But the grass was pretty long.

The Sign of Ouroboros by David Longhorn
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