Tell me, how are you surviving the winter?

I know that this season can be stressful, and it is for me as well, although I’m sure it’s not for the same reasons.

No, I worry about Marcus, Alex, and Joyce.

And you should, too.

The Village is a dangerous place. Far more so than even Professor Worthe knows or can comprehend. His ignorance is equivalent to adding gasoline to a fire.

And he keeps making it worse.

There’s a new killer in the Village, and there’s a bit going on outside of Worthe’s little experiment as well.

Are you ready? Will you come along with me as I dive a little deeper into the Village? Do you want to meet this young killer, this young harvester of souls?

I’m not particularly fond of him, and he’s made me a little nervous to be around greenhouses.

Come on to the Village and stay a while. Sit down with the living and the dead, and then decide whether it’s worth going outside to see the Village’s newest building. Personally, I don’t like the cold, so you’ll find me inside, smoking a pipe and chatting with the living, trying to make sense of the dead. You go ahead and take a stroll down the cobblestone street, past the clock, and through the knee-high snow.

You might make it to the greenhouse and back.

But, then again, you might not.

For the best reading experience, enjoy the Haunted Village series in the following order:

  1. Worthe’s Village
  2. Hell’s Hammer
  3. Butcher’s Hands
  4. Soul Harvest

Soul Harvest is now available on Amazon!

See you in the shadows,

Ron Ripley