Are you ready to be scared?

Of course, you’re ready. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

That’s why I’m here. It’s why my colleagues are here. These authors you’ve come to know and love. And if you haven’t, well, it’s about time that you do.

We’ve put together a grand assortment for you. A collection of stories for you to select from.

Care for a ghost story? Well, there are a few of mine for the reading.

Psychological horror? Hmm, well, I’ll have to recommend my good friend A.I. Nasser for that one. His work is a little too much for me. I have enough bad dreams without A.I. adding a few more logs to that particular fire.

We have murder here, and plain old death. Ghosts and madness.

Everything you need to keep you up at night, which I’m guessing is your thing.

Don’t forget that spring is right around the corner. Trees will blossom, grass will grow, and where I am in New England, the ground will thaw enough for us to bury our loved ones who died during the bitterness of winter.

Whether you’re planning on reading this collection or listening to it, do yourself a favor. Get yourself something to drink, go to your safest place, and turn all the lights on.

These stories will put a chill deep into your bones, and when you’re done reading them, you’ll need all the comfort you can get.

Just remember, keep the lights on.

Terror in the Shadows Volume 2 is now available on Amazon!

See you in the shadows,

Ron Ripley