Have you ever seen a lighthouse standing tall in a storm?

Growing up in New England I’ve seen my share, from the coast of Maine down to the Long Island Sound. They mark the coasts and reefs, offer safe passage and hope to those caught in a storm.

I’ve often wondered what life would be like as a light keeper, how isolation might have affected the men and their families. And I wondered what terrible events might occur in a place cut off from the world. Would madness and violence rise up?

Sitting in my car, looking out at the Atlantic Ocean, I wondered what would happen if a lighthouse was haunted by a malevolent spirit. What would happen to those trapped in the lighthouse with it? How could they survive on an island, with no hope of escape, with a ghost who wanted them dead?
The Lighthouse is the story that crept up and out of those thoughts.

I hope you’ll come and visit with Shane Ryan, cheer him on, and pray for the best.

The Lighthouse (Berkley Series Book 2) will be live on August 28th (Sunday). Make sure you’ve read Berkley Street first and pre-order The Lighthouse today!

The Lighthouse