Did you know that New England has ghost towns?

Not as many as the Mid-West, to be certain, but they do exist. Towns that once thrived during a timber boom, or perhaps for an old ski resort. Others are far older, destroyed or abandoned when the Native Americans still raided and before the United States had fought for independence from Great Britain.

I’ve passed by a few of these towns. Curious little places that are little more than cellar holes and dips in the earth. Abandoned roads and half-glimpsed cemeteries. I’ve often wondered if there are ghosts in those towns. Do the dead cling to those places as they do to others? And if they did, why?

Near the city I live in, there is a ghost town. A little place abandoned in the nineteenth century. A place that makes my skin crawl with an unseen energy when I drive by. I’ve wondered what it must be like there, at night. I’ve thought about those who still walk the roads, those who haven’t quite realized that they’re dead.

This was the idea behind my newest book: a place where the dead still thrive, and where something vicious still hunts. I’ve thought about what it would be like, to be preyed upon by a killer who is already dead.

I hope you enjoy it because it scared me half to death to write it.

You can read about it in The Town of Griswold, available on amazon today!  

The Town of Griswold Cover

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