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I rarely give 5 stars but, this book deserves them. I can see this as a film. I had to stay up late just to finish it. Great captivating story. I won't give any spoilers. When I read great writing that seems as if I can see each scene it will make me read some more from this author. He's right up there with Stephen King. No faults in the book at all that I could see.

Donna R.

OMG there aren't enough words to describe this author's mind and talent.

His character Shane is one of the best I have ever read. Through the books you see how much he's grown into a man and loved by all the ghosts inside his house.

Further on he makes friends of others who help him put some really bad ghosts back where they belong.

Denise G.

Every so often you come across a good horror novel that has just the right everything that makes it a great page turner building suspense that lets the imagination run wild.

This is one of those good books if you like a good haunted house story with twists like The Shining then this will be one you won't put down.

The author grabs you within the first chapter, not graphic or gory your imagination can do that for you.

Anthony M.

Although this.is not my usual genre, this book grabbed me from the start. Excellent storytelling and development of characters and plot line. Could not put it down. Thank you for a tense but wonderful ride into Berkley Street.


This is seriously the most bizarre I have ever read. Kept me glued in my seat with twists and turns in the totally unexpected.


I enjoyed the depth and breadth of the main characters as they traversed the minefield of horror in this book. This book was easy to read and difficult to put down. I sit here at 2:30 am, barely able to see, because I needed to see how the story played out!

I just purchased the entire series and will start the second book momentarily! Happy reading!


I really enjoyed this book! I will definitely read books by this author again. In fact, I purchased the whole series of Berkley Street. I was hoping for more of a battle at the end of this 1st book. But, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters and the plot. Good, creepy book!


If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s Rose Red, you’re going to love Berkeley Street! Supernatural horror at its finest.



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