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Our best horror books for sale have taken readers to other dimensions, spooky cabins in the middle of nowhere, & even in caskets six feet below the ground.

If you're looking for a scary adventure, you've found it.

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Our scary book authors who masterfully fabricated entire worlds built on the strange, the macabre, and all of the stuff that nightmares are made of.

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Scare Street presents a collection of horror stories that will chill you to the bone and make you run away screaming. 

If you're looking for a scary adventure, you've found it.

Only a Few Things Are More Terrifying than a Wish
There are so many fantastic tales of genies and wish-granting, and often they are just that—fantastic. We all like to[...]
Life Is Full of Small Encounters with the Unknown
I love snuggling under a mound of blankets on cold winter nights. Melting into the warmth of my bed, closing[...]
Marcus Mortlake’s Greatest Fear Has Returned…
Last time, we explored the career of Marcus Mortlake as a prober of paranormal activity. This time, we will venture[...]
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