About Us

Scare Street is a collaboration between multiple horror book writers to create and consistently deliver high-quality scary stories! And that includes a collection of horror stories, ghost stories, and horror books. It has grown tremendously thanks to your readership. Our horror book writers are dedicated to delivering thrills and chills.  And we’ll happily measure our success through the number of nightmares caused and hours of sleepless nights.

Our Story

Our saga began in 2015... The inception of Scare Street was driven by a straightforward idea: To craft a horror publishing house that would celebrate the genre and offer readers an encounter they'd always remember.

Often, horror is seen as the rebellious renegade of the literary family. It's a genre dismissed by many as either gruesome or too unconventional to merit serious consideration. It's akin to the peculiar loner in the playground who you might avoid or occasionally provoke, half-expecting a frightening reaction. A few of our writers affectionately label it the overlooked middle child.

Championing The Rebel

That's the very reason Scare Street came into existence. We embrace the rebel, the black sheep, the solitary figure veiled in darkness. And we firmly believe it's worthy of admiration and respect.

So, in September 2015, fueled by a dream and a mission, we gave birth to Scare Street.

A few months later, we were already working with brilliant authors such as Ron Ripley, Sara Clancy, David Longhorn, and A. I. Nasser, all backed by a committed team of editors and managers. Today, we're still passionately pursuing what we love, and we hope you enjoy our creations.