Anger's Ruin: Tormented Souls Series Book 6
Anger's Ruin: Tormented Souls Series Book 6
Anger's Ruin: Tormented Souls Series Book 6

Anger's Ruin: Tormented Souls Series Book 6

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

Dan Tate feels like his life is spiraling out of control. His PTSD symptoms have returned, fueled by the terrifying ordeals he has faced. His ex-wife has dragged him into court, threatening to take custody of their children. And worst of all, Beverly’s sinister partner has finally revealed herself…

Consumed by her obsessive desire for revenge, this evil mastermind is willing to do whatever it takes to make the town of Anger pay. With the help of a collector from New York, she obtains a ghost that could make her and Beverly’s plans come to fruition. And together, they are an unstoppable force.

Dan has only one hope for victory. He must force her to confront the horrors she has inflicted on the town. But this enemy knows Dan’s heart better than anyone.

And she knows exactly how to hurt him the most…

183 pages

Chapter 3:

Chuck left the garage, glancing back at the house and snickering as the lights flickered, then came back to life behind him.

He's definitely worth a finger. Rotten SOB. Huh, he shook his head. Took me forever and a day to get him to stick that damned hose in his car. You'd a thunk he would've wanted to die, after me scramblin' his insides for a bit.

Oh well, maybe with him bein' dead, maybe Rose'll drink more. Huh, yeah, that'd be good. Pay her some more visits. 'Course, Beverly's gonna be upset with me killin' him. Hell, Boss will be, too. Can't be helped. Gots to kill some of 'em, no matter what anybody says.

He came to a stop a short distance from the house and looked at his hands. Chuck glowered at his missing fingers, hating Beverly for removing them. Somehow, the absent digits pained him, a fact he would never have thought possible before she had torn off the first pinky finger.

One of these days, Bev, he thought bitterly, I'm a gonna get you. Gonna pay you back for this.

Chuck had wanted to punish Janet, too, but somebody had taken care of that issue, and the memory of her fate brought a smile to his face.

A small shape walked out from behind a tree, and Chuck glanced up, prepared to ignore any living person who might stroll by.

But it was a ghost, a dead boy, who came to a stop a short distance from him. The dead boy was small and dressed in clothes that Chuck remembered seeing in pictures when he was still alive. Despite the dead child's diminutive stature, his frame pulsed with energy. He had only one eye, but it seemed to dance with hatred.

"I know you." The dead boy's voice was as thin as his body. "You helped to murder my cousin."

Chuck grinned. "More 'n likely."

"I am going to hurt you." The dead child clenched his hands into fists. "My name is Elijah Coffin."

"You ain't gonna hurt me, kid." Chuck stretched and winked at him. "You wanna try, come on an' have at me then."

Eli walked forward, his arms down at his sides, and Chuck laughed, not bothering with any sort of preparations.

When the dead boy was close enough, Chuck grabbed for him, but Eli ducked under and brought a small, hard hand smashing up into Chuck's groin.

The dead boy's fist was driven with enough force to penetrate Chuck's body, a sensation worse than the rough amputation of his fingers by Beverly.

Chuck tried to grab Eli again, but the dead boy let out a scream of rage and twisted between Chuck's legs, pushing his hand up further.

"Stop!" The word came out as a scream from Chuck's mouth, but the dead boy ignored him. Instead, Eli opened his hand inside of Chuck's body, took hold of what he could, and tore off a chunk. Shaking his head violently, Chuck tried to grab any part of Eli, but nothing was within his grasp, and each time he thought he could, the dead boy moved out of the way.

Suddenly, another pain joined the first, and Chuck realized Eli had punched him in the lower back. He stiffened, horrified as he felt a hand once more pushing through him. A moment later, it too had taken hold of something deep within him.

"They say he was torn apart." Eli's voice shook as if he was crying. "You held him, and a woman tore his head open. Well, I can't reach your head, but I think this will work."

Chuck babbled apologies and begged for the dead boy to stop.

But Eli didn't.

Instead, the dead boy began to pull.

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