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Bloody Anger: Tormented Souls Series Book 4

Bloody Anger: Tormented Souls Series Book 4

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Dan thought his nightmares were over. He was dead wrong…

With new friends and a feeling of solace while repairing the local schoolhouse, things are finally looking up for Dan Tate. His therapy has finally quelled the PTSD and nightmares. He’s even developed romantic feelings for a special friend.

But a part him fears it’s all too good to be true…

Dan soon finds his peace and tranquility shattered, when corrupt medium Janet Ladd unleashes Olivia, a vindictive spirit with a taste for blood. Once again, the small town finds itself frozen in the icy grip of terror.

This time, Janet and her supernatural minions have made the fight personal. When Olivia goes after Dan’s children, something inside him snaps. And he will do whatever it takes to protect his family.

Even if it means sacrificing his own life to save theirs…

197 pages

Chapter 3:

I need a new ghost, Janet thought. She rubbed at her temples and tried to breathe easily. It was nearing nine o'clock, and she had drunk too much wine. Her head still ached with the stupidity of Chuck. Yeah. Definitely need a new one. I may have to put him in salt soon.

She had several catalogs spread out before her, all from the auction house, Moran and Moran. A family-run business, the company specialized in haunted items. While Janet didn't doubt that she could go out and find a suitable ghost on her own, she didn't want to waste the time. She wasn't thrilled with the idea of spending money, either, but with a fresh murder committed below her apartment, and Chuck acting the fool, Janet didn't believe she had any time to spare.

It doesn't matter how strong he is, she thought, rubbing at her temples in an effort to chase away the headache that was slowly building. It doesn't matter that we used to be able to rely on him. If he doesn't start toeing the line, he's going to have to go.

Opening the first catalog, she carefully turned the pages over, skimming the descriptions as they went. The pages were glossy beneath her fingers, and she smiled and shook her head. She knew the company dealt with a wide range of objects, everything from the benign to the truly horrific, but she always forgot the depth of the collections they offered.

As she turned each page, Janet sought the small icon which, when placed at the end of a description, would tell the discerning buyer that they were looking at a truly powerful and dangerous item.

The icon was a small skull with an old-fashioned phone beside it. To Janet, the meaning was clear: Dangerous. Inquire as to price.

She found one below a set of pearls, and she read the description with interest.

This fine set of exquisite natural pearls, harvested in the early 1900s, once belonged to Olivia Isidora. Olivia was a jealous woman, and her anger and jealousy imbue this beautiful piece of jewelry with a malignant power that is not for the amateur or the faint of heart.

Janet smiled. The sight of the pearls was somehow reassuring, comforting. Without any hesitation, and despite the time, she reached out and picked up her phone. Even if no one answered at the shop, she would leave a message.

Janet wanted the pearls, regardless of the price.

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