Coffin Cemetery: Tormented Souls Series Book 1
Coffin Cemetery: Tormented Souls Series Book 1
Coffin Cemetery: Tormented Souls Series Book 1

Coffin Cemetery: Tormented Souls Series Book 1

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The dead speak and one man hears their harrowing cries...

Dan Tate survived a heart-breaking tragedy and is plagued by nightmares of his terrifying ordeal. Withdrawing into an emotionless shell, he has driven away everyone who cared about him. Dan is lost, and utterly alone. Until he hears the voices…

In Coffin Cemetery, the anguished spirits cry out to him. Lost souls, torn from their places of rest, are seeking a way to move on. Dan wants to help these wandering ghosts find some measure of peace, in the hopes that, he too can finally put his past behind him.

But Dan isn’t the only one who speaks with the dead. Janet Ladd also hears their call and intends to use these tormented souls to fulfill her darkest desires. She unleashes bloodthirsty wraiths to do her bidding.

Dan and the ghost of a young boy are the only ones standing in her way. Unless Dan can overcome the torment inside his soul, the enemy’s dark power will grow even stronger…

And a new tragedy will haunt Dan’s nightmares.

193 pages

Chapter 3:

Dan finished his work by four in the afternoon and went into his small room. He stripped down, filled a basin with hot water, and then quickly cleaned himself. When he finished and dressed, he carried the basin out to the right side of the school where a large rose bush grew, flourishing in the sunlight. Beautiful white blossoms pulled the branches down with their weight, and Dan smiled as he poured the water around the base of the bush.

He was still smiling when he walked back into the house, added more water to the basin, then some soap, and washed his work clothes. Carefully, he hung them on the clothesline to dry, before setting up his laptop.

He sat down on the floor in front of it. Why am I doing this?

They asked me to, he answered himself.

Are they real?

The question plagued him. Dan believed in ghosts. He always had. Over the years, he had seen what he believed to be solid evidence of the presence of the supernatural in the world of the natural. Unexplained phenomena, ghostly messages. Ghostly attacks even. He wasn't a ghost hunter or someone who decided to dedicate a significant portion of their life to the documentation of the dead walking among the living.

Dan simply believed.

His belief, however, didn't negate the fact that his emotional and mental well-being were affected by the shooting and his divorce.

Which brings me back to the question, Dan thought miserably. Are they real?

He hesitated a moment, then decided to assume the ghosts from the previous day were real. With a shudder, Dan looked at his laptop. For a moment, his fingers hesitated above the keyboard, and then he began to type. His fingers were slow at first, but his speed increased as he accessed various sites, searching for information regarding the Little Red Schoolhouse, the cemetery attached to it, and the town of Anger, New Hampshire.

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