Copper's Keeper: Slaughter Series Book 3
Copper's Keeper: Slaughter Series Book 3
Copper's Keeper: Slaughter Series Book 3

Copper's Keeper: Slaughter Series Book 3

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Every small town in Connecticut has its secrets, but none are as shocking as Melington’s

After the riots, Melington becomes the primary target of an FBI investigation. The Council is more ruthless than the town has ever seen. And a national spotlight shines brightly on the mysterious cases of missing children.

But there is one secret that no one knows better than Alan Carter.

As children outside Melington start disappearing, Alan Carter knows that Copper Tibet has grown more powerful than ever before.

No child will be safe. Anywhere.

155 pages

Chapter 2

"You come highly recommended, Mr. Pullman."

Ivan Pullman gave the old man a small smile and adjusted his seating position, his eyes quickly bouncing off various parts of the office around him as he tried to better evaluate his newest client. The old man watched him carefully, and Ivan could tell that age had not dampened this man's senses.

"I hope I can do what it is you need done, Mr. Brewster," Ivan said.

William Brewster nodded in satisfaction and slowly pushed himself to his feet. Ivan watched the old man make his way to the mini-bar against a far wall and pour himself a drink.

"I assume you have been brought up to speed with everything that has happened in Melington?" William asked, his back to Ivan.

"I have," Ivan replied.

Ivan had seen the news, and before receiving the call a few days before, he had known that it would only be a matter of time before his services would be needed in one way or the other. It was the same with catastrophes like these. There was always someone responsible who needed to have that involvement covered up, and that's where Ivan came in. When it came to tying up loose ends, he was the perfect man for the job.

He knew the FBI was in Melington undergoing its own investigations, and Ivan welcomed the challenge wholeheartedly. Over the past fifteen years, his job had become more and more of a routine than anything else. Gone was the excitement that came with a new assignment, and Ivan had often considered retiring completely. This, however, promised to be different, and he could already feel the adrenaline pumping through him.

"The Council cannot be implicated in any way to the riots or the kidnappings," William Brewster was saying. "I believe you understand what needs to be done to ensure that."

Ivan nodded. "I'm going to need names."

William Brewster trudged back to his desk and settled into his chair slowly, forcing Ivan to smile. He could immediately tell that the old man was exaggerating his ailments. All he had to do was look into Brewster's eyes, the cunning that radiated from the cold blues there, the immense intelligence that was simmering beneath the surface. The Chairman was not to be underestimated, and Ivan knew he would have to proceed with caution.

"Your contact person from now on will be Elizabeth Gardiner," William was saying, feigning exhaustion.

"She will give you everything you need to get you started. As for compensation, work that out with her as well. I doubt there will be any trouble there." William looked at Ivan over the brim of his spectacles. "Will there be anything else?"

Ivan shook his head and stood up, straightening his back and buttoning his suit jacket closed.

"I'll be in touch," he said, shaking the old man's hand and walking out of the office.

He was going to enjoy Melington.

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