The Burning Girl: Haunted Collection Series Book 5
The Burning Girl: Haunted Collection Series Book 5
The Burning Girl: Haunted Collection Series Book 5

The Burning Girl: Haunted Collection Series Book 5

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Bright red flames emerge with the strike of a match, devouring everything in sight…

Stefan Korzh’s desire to destroy the lives of everyone around him knows no bounds. Even as he’s hunted by enemies, Stefan shows no signs of slowing down. His deadly collection of antiques continues to spread and help his dreams become reality.

Meanwhile, Victor Daniels and Tom Crane have managed to build some resemblance of an ordinary life. They remain more determined than ever in their fight against Stefan, and will stop at nothing to put an end to the horrors of the Korzh collection. But life tends to take nasty turns when ghosts are involved.

Stefan’s latest threat is the fire-obsessed Molly, whose deadly ghost emerges from the pages of a novel. With the simple flick of a match, she satisfies her addiction for scorching buildings and burning flesh.

Victor and Tom quickly find themselves in the middle of a bloody trail of chaos, chasing after an enemy that will test the limits of their strength.

And they must hurry.

Because it doesn’t take long before Molly craves her next fiery fix…

201 pages

Chapter 5: Whiskey and Bad Decisions

What the hell?” Gary demanded.

Lenny pointed, shaking his head.

At least twenty cats were in a wide semi-circle around the back door. Some of them were crouched low, others in the stereotypical position with the tail upraised and the back arched. A low, disturbing sound came rolling out of the feline cats. It was a strange noise; one that set Gary’s teeth on edge and made him doubt his decision to join Lenny for a ride.

He spat on the ground and asked, “What are they looking at?”

“Don’t know,” Lenny answered. “They’re all just staring at the house. I can’t see anything, though. Can you?”

Gary shook his head. “Nothing.”

Even as the word left his mouth, the grass around the back door was pressed back, as if someone had turned on a huge fan, the long-stemmed grass undulating. A cold breeze washed over him, and Gary took a nervous step back.

Lenny glanced at him. “Where are you going?”

“There’s something wrong, you idiot!” Gary hissed, gesturing at the cats and the grass. “Are you telling me you’re so thick that you can’t see that?”

“The cats are inbred,” Lenny said, “and obviously it’s windy.”

“You see anything else moving in the wind?” Gary snapped.

“Shut up,” was Lenny’s petulant response.

One of the cats yowled, then the others joined in, and a heartbeat later, the animals sprinted past them, leaving the two men alone in the backyard.

“It’s time to go, Lenny,” Gary whispered.

“Too late for that,” a voice said from behind them.

Gary twisted around, his foot catching on a rock and sending him sprawling to the ground. He looked up at Lenny and saw his friend’s eyes widen, his face go pale, his lips moving.

Gary didn’t know what Lenny was going to say, or what he wanted to do because all of his friend’s choices were removed in a burst of flame.

Lenny’s burst of flame.

Fire sprouted from the man’s nose and mouth. Smoke came out of his ears in an almost cartoonish fashion. His hair exploded, and his skin bubbled. Gary watched as his friend’s eyes burst, the remains running down his cheeks with the consistency of runny eggs. Unable to move, Gary couldn’t tear his gaze away as fire devoured Lenny.

His friend shuddered, shook, and collapsed lifelessly to the ground. The smell of burning pork filled the air, and Gary’s wits came back to him.

He tried to scramble to his feet, but a blow from behind him knocked him to the ground again. His eyes rolled in his head as he tried to regain his composure.

A shadow darkened the sky, and Gary looked up.

He saw nothing, only a dark cloud that seemed to hover in front of him.

“You’re not as stupid as your friend,” the cloud said, slowly forming into the shape of a teenage girl. “But you’re still pretty stupid.”

Gary opened his mouth to argue, but his words were devoured by the flames that sprang forth.

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