Nightmare Revelation: Nightmare Series Book 3
Nightmare Revelation: Nightmare Series Book 3
Nightmare Revelation: Nightmare Series Book 3

Nightmare Revelation: Nightmare Series Book 3

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Deadly secrets lurk within the dark tunnels of the London Underground…

The nightmare of Machen continues to cast a deep shadow of gloom as dreadful stories of murder and mayhem make their way into London. But death comes knocking when a thick fog crawls through the night and shape-shifting killers scour the city. No one is safe, and the smell of fear lingers in the air.

Ted Gould and Doctor Zoffany of the Romola Foundation are all too aware of the dangers, and their sights are set on the metropolis. With the help of former television presenter Denny Purcell, they slowly discover the ghastly dimension housing the powerful creatures.

New alliances are formed, and Denny’s natural talents are put to the test yet again. As the monsters leave a trail of horror in their wake, the thin veil keeping them at bay is quickly disappearing. With each discovery more horrific than the last, the Romola Foundation has their hands full.

It won’t be long before the monsters conquer their world and transform it into a bloody version of their own.

One nightmare at a time.

157 pages

"Hello there, darling," said the security guard. "Knocking off early, are we? Bit naughty!"

The young woman with long, dark hair said nothing, simply continued to walk toward the exit. The guard walked after her, keeping a few yards behind so he could take a long look at her figure.

Weird, the guard thought. She's normally one of the chatty ones. What's her name again? Maria? Most of them are called Maria. Damn, now if I call her Maria, she'll be peeved.

He picked up his pace to overtake the woman, noting that she was still wearing her overalls. And one of her shoelaces had come unfastened. He pointed this out to her and she stopped, bent down, and started to fasten the lace again. Her hands, he noticed, moved clumsily, as if she were suffering from severe cold. Yet it was not particularly chilly indoors.

"In a hurry, are we?" he said.

Again, there was no response. Instead, the woman stood up and walked to the exit where a large sliding door sealed Hobs Lane off from the rest of the city. The guard hurried forward again, taking out his key card.

"Here you go, love," he said, swiping the card, then tapping in a code on a keypad. An electric motor whined and the door began to lift slowly, revealing the sidewalk. The guard looked down at the woman, who was staring blankly ahead.

"Long day, I bet?" he offered. "Mine's just starting, of course."

"Yes," she said, without looking at him. "Long day. I go home now."

The guard felt suddenly resentful of her attitude. He had been kind to this woman in the past, offering her cups of tea, overlooking her occasional tardiness. And now she was treating him in such an offhand manner.

Stuck-up bitch, he thought. What's she got to feel so superior about?

"Well, don't do anything I wouldn't do," he grunted. "So that leaves you free to do just about-"

His hand was almost on the woman's right butt cheek when her hand shot around behind her and grabbed his wrist. The small, delicate-looking head spun, dark hair flying.

"Hey," he protested, "it was just a bit of fun."

The woman stepped forward, her small, cool hand still gripping his wrist like a vice. Now he could see her face more clearly, her eyes were great, dark pools with no apparent boundary between pupil and iris.

Did she have those eyes before? Of course she did. I just didn't notice, is all.

He began to struggle against her grip, brought his other hand up in a threatening gesture, only to have her seize that one too. The guard felt a sudden terror, an awareness that he was alone with this apparent madwoman.

"So alone," she murmured, and a small, oddly dark tongue flicked across her lips. "So frightened."

Then, as quickly as it had begun, the weird confrontation ended. The woman freed his arms and ducked under the still-rising door. He cursed after her, feeling brave again. The door rose up a couple of feet higher and revealed an empty street. He closed the main door and went back to check on the cleaners' store room.

"Bloody hell!" he exclaimed. "She didn't even put her damn bucket away."

He set off back to his desk to fill out a report.

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