The Blood Bargain: Jigsaw of Souls Series Book 3
The Blood Bargain: Jigsaw of Souls Series Book 3
The Blood Bargain: Jigsaw of Souls Series Book 3

The Blood Bargain: Jigsaw of Souls Series Book 3

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Evil from beyond this dimension yearns to be unleashed…

After waking in a field surrounded by corpses, Vincent Donnelly’s fractured mind was filled with strange voices… Souls trapped inside him, wanting to be set free. And he has no idea who he really is or what led him to his fate…

Forced to aid the malevolent creature known as Razul, Vincent travels back to where it all started. There, Razul orders what remains of his cultists to complete the sinister ritual they began. But Razul no longer holds sway over his followers. They have made a new blood bargain, with a being of even greater power.

Vincent discovers that he was part a ritual gone wrong in the past… A ritual intended to use him as a host for a being of pure Chaos.

Unless Vincent can stop this dark ritual, this entity will wreck unimaginable destruction upon the earth. But the key to ending the wrath of Chaos itself may lie in a twisted deal with Razul.

A bargain that could cost Vincent his mortal soul…

181 pages

Chapter 2

Vincent stopped the car and turned the engine off. He could see the light from the fire burning in the field to the left. He was excited to be here. This was what everything had been leading up to. This was why he was in the world. This was his destiny.

He left the car. A man in a red robe was waiting on the road for him.

“Vincent?” the man asked. Vincent nodded and walked to the man, holding his hand out.

“Nice to meet you,” Vincent said. “Your name?”

“Jesse,” the man said. They shook hands. “They’re already waiting for you.”

“Great!” Vincent said. He was eager to get things started. He had been looking forward to this for as long as he could remember.

Jesse led him into the field. There was a path trodden through the grass made by people walking ahead of them. Vincent could see the shadows from the flames dancing in the path. He heard chanting as he approached, words uttered in an alien language from dozens of mouths.

The fire in the clearing was massive. It roared and crackled like nothing he had ever seen before. Jesse continued walking toward the others who were there, but Vincent stopped to admire the blaze. It was as tall as a house.

Everyone in the clearing wore the same blood red robe that Jesse had on. There were many of them. Vincent had only met one of them before, the man who had recruited him for his role. He could see him now, standing at an altar before the flames.

“Samuel!” Vincent shouted, waving as he approached the older man. Samuel smiled warmly. He shook Vincent’s hand, covering it with his left hand.

“Vincent, I am so pleased to see that you have made it. Are you ready?” he asked.

Vincent looked at the fire. He nodded his head.

“Definitely. I’m nervous, I guess. But I’m ready.”

“You’re doing a wonderful thing, Vincent. A magnificent thing.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Do you know what it’s going to be like?” Vincent asked.

“Once the ritual has started, it will take time. We’ll have to align all of our powers. The way must be cleared. And when all have achieved harmony, the Dimensional Rift shall open.”

“And then He appears?”

“Yes, Vincent. He will appear.”

Vincent nodded, sighing and looking at the fire. There was a man to the side of the flames, not in a robe like the others. He was setting up some kind of machine, tinkering with buttons and switches as the others began to line up in a half-circle.

Four of the cultists separated from the pack. They stood before Samuel and the altar facing the fire. Vincent smiled at them. One of them smiled back, a young boy. The two men and the woman did not.

“Where should I stand?” Vincent asked. Samuel gestured off to his side.

“Just off to Mr. Dalca’s side here will be fine.”

“Great. Should I do anything or—?”

“No, that won’t be necessary. Just wait here. We’ll begin soon.”

Vincent stood where he was directed to, watching the fire. The man with the machine finished his tinkering and then gave Samuel a thumbs up. His machine whirred and produced a vibrant blue and white glow.

Samuel gestured to a pair of men in robes. They approached Vincent and began to shackle his wrists.

“What is this for?” Vincent asked.

“It is just a precaution. The full effect of the ritual will be powerful.”

“But I’m not going to run away.”

“No. You’re not,” Samuel agreed as the men finished, attaching the shackles to a chain tied to a stake. When they were done, Vincent was tethered like a dog.

“Brothers and sisters, it is time,” Samuel said.

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