7 Stories From People Who Came Back From the Dead

April 23, 2018

Ever wonder what it would be like to die and come back to life? You’d be lying if your answer to that question was “No.”

Every now and again, we ask ourselves the tough existential questions, like why are we here, what’s our purpose, what’s the meaning of life, and of course the most sought-after question, what happens when we die?

Problem is, no one can answer that last question for you based on experience, because anyone who can is…well, dead.

So naturally, you start thinking, if only someone who has died could come back from the dead and tell me what it’s like.

But of course, you dismiss that thought because you know there is no such thing as coming back from the dead. Right?

Well, sorry to burst your disbelieving bubble. These seven true stories (yes, true!) will make you think again the next time you perceive coming back from the dead as something fictional.

1. “Ghost” in the Morgue

It was once reported in South Africa that a man in his 60s passed out after experiencing a violent asthma attack.

Instead of calling the paramedics, his family called a private funeral company as they thought he had died.

This man, while still passed out, spent almost 21 hours in a refrigerated morgue before he woke up!

Predictably distressed, the man began screaming. As you can imagine, this terrified the staff at the morgue and prompted them to believe there was a poltergeist among them. They soon realized their error and freed the man.

The real question here is, how did that man even survive being refrigerated for almost 21 hours without freezing to death?

2. The Man Who Awoke in His Grave

A 60-year-old man from Yemen was thought to be dead after having a heart attack.

He was washed ritually and wrapped in a cloth, as done in Muslim tradition.

He was just about to be buried in the dirt when he suddenly woke up.

To everyone’s horror, he began shouting, “You want to kill me and bury me alive!”

After the initial shock wore off, the man’s funeral turned into a festivity as the mourners celebrated his survival.

3. The Son’s Voice That Revived His Father’s Heart

A 37-year-old man from Ohio once suffered a sudden heart attack in his sleep.

After countless attempts by the paramedics and doctors to revive him, his life sadly came to an end.

A whole hour after he had passed, his family was invited to view his body in the hospital.

Unable to come to grasp his father’s death, the man’s teenage son cried out, “Dad, you’re not going to die today!”

Moments later, the man’s heart monitor showed small signs of electrical activity.

Upon seeing this, the doctors made another attempt at reviving the man before his heart picked up again and he was brought back to life.

4. The Man Who Woke Up Mid-autopsy

A man from Venezuela named Carlos Camejo was reported to be involved in a terrible highway accident.

Soon after the accident, he was pronounced dead. His wife was notified and the medical team had already begun performing an autopsy on him.

As they cut into his face, he regained consciousness and was clearly in excruciating pain. Shocked and disturbed, the medical staff began to sew his face back up again.

His wife later arrived and found him waiting in the hospital corridor. Not really the best way to wake up.

5. The Thirsty Toddler

A 2-year-old boy from Brazil, Kelvin Santos, contracted severe bronchial pneumonia and was rushed to the hospital.

Although treatments seemed to be going well, he stopped breathing completely after suffering from cardiac respiratory failure.

Kelvin’s devastated family gathered around his unmoving body as he was officially pronounced dead.

Before releasing the body into family custody, he was placed in an airtight body bag for three hours.

Later that day, his family held an open-casket wake to farewell him when something strange and miraculous happened. An hour before the funeral was due to take place, the boy sat up in his coffin.

Little Kelvin looked at his father and said, “Daddy, can I have some water?”

The startled family began to scream as the miracle occurred before their very eyes, but before they had the chance to celebrate, Kelvin laid back down in his casket as if nothing had happened.

“We couldn’t wake him. He was dead again,” his father said.

Though no one knows for sure what happened to Kelvin, there is no doubt that he came back to life for a brief moment.

6. The Hungry Grandma

This peculiar story comes from China, where a 95-year-old grandmother, Li Xiufeng, fell down and suffered what was thought to be a fatal head injury.

Local tradition dictates that she be placed in a coffin for an in-house wake that lasts a few days for her friends and family to mourn and bid her farewell.

On the day before the funeral, the family found her coffin empty and so began to panic wildly, thinking someone had stolen the body.

Like this thought wasn’t shocking enough, they were extremely shocked when they found the grandmother calmly cooking in the kitchen, and no, it was not her ghost.

“I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry and wanted to cook something I could eat,” she reportedly told people. We feel you, Gran.

7. The Miracle Baby

A baby girl in the Philippines had been suffering from a persistent fever for several days before her parents took her to the hospital.

After treating her, the doctors were unsuccessful in saving her and she was pronounced dead.

During her funeral the following day, the family was preparing to put the girl into the ground when an attendee noticed that the girl was moving.

Astonished, the girl’s family took her out of the coffin to recover, and the girl made it out alive.

So what happens after you die?

Reading these real-life stories always gets us wondering about what these people must have felt or experienced during that brief period of death before coming back to life.

You might feel like nobody could answer that question, but this whole coming back from the dead thing happens more often than we think.

Nobody really knows exactly what happens when we die.

There are different descriptions, explanations, and interpretations, but nothing accurate.

As with anything else, everyone has different beliefs – some believe in an afterlife, some believe in reincarnation and others simply think nothing happens. No one is certain.

The only thing that’s certain is that when the dead come back, it scares the living hell out of all of us!

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