5 Bone-Chilling Ghost Stories You Wish Weren’t Real

April 10, 2017 

Every night, hundreds of people all around the world encounter the spirits of people who no longer walk this earth. 

Ghosts, apparitions, and phantasms roam through our houses and our favorite places, not ready to move onto the next realm.

Some of these spirits are friendly enough, but others seem menacing in nature.

No matter their disposition, real ghost stories are creepy, and these five encounters are some of the creepiest of all.

1) The Old Visitor – Real-Life Ghost Stories: An Unwelcome Guardian

An unnamed woman’s daughter was six months old when she noticed something odd going on.

Often, she would find her daughter babbling and laughing at empty air, as if something or someone unseen was interacting with her.

Occasionally, the toddler would begin to cry, and before her mother could get to her, she would suddenly calm down and appear comforted.

While the woman found all this behavior rather odd, she didn’t think twice about it, until one evening when everything changed.

It was growing late, and the woman had put her daughter to bed hours beforehand. She was seated at her desk in her office trying to get some work done when she suddenly felt compelled to look up.

She saw the reflection of an old woman in her window. The old woman was standing between her office and the mother’s bedroom, which had once been the front entranceway of the house.

The old woman had a wrinkled face and wore an ancient dressing gown.

Confused and shocked, the mother blinked and the old woman disappeared.

The mother stated that after seeing the old lady’s reflection in the window, the ghost’s interactions with her daughter became more and more frequent.

Not long after this incident, the mother woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of her daughter crying from her bedroom.

As she and her husband started to scramble out of bed to check on her, they began to hear something odd come through on the baby monitor.

The mother’s husband grabbed her arm and brought his finger to his lips. Both stood still and could clearly hear a female’s voice, singing a lullaby through the monitor.

After a few moments, the old woman stopped singing, and they both heard their daughter say, ‘night night.’

They ran to her room to check on her, but their daughter was already fast asleep. They contacted a priest and had the house cleansed the very next day.

2) A Man in the Dark – The Stranger in the Doorway

One young woman, named Chelsea, made a living out of writing about real-life ghost stories. But she never expected to encounter one herself.

It all began when she decided to move to North Carolina and live with her boyfriend in his rented ranch house.

One night, she found herself suddenly wide awake. Her boyfriend slept peacefully beside her, but Chelsea couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow, they weren’t alone in the house.

The place was dark, but a faint glow from the moon illuminated the open door frame of their bedroom, and the long narrow hallway that led to the bathroom.

As she sat up and put her glasses on, she was terrified to see a very tall figure standing in the doorway. She couldn’t discern any features on the apparition’s face, but its tall and lanky build was very masculine.

Before Chelsea could scream or wake her boyfriend up, the figure slowly turned and made his way down the hall towards the bathroom.

The following morning, Chelsea and her boyfriend, Matt, were eating breakfast when she decided to tell him about what she had seen.

By the soothing light of day, she had told herself that it had only been a shadow or perhaps a very lucid dream.

However, after she described the physical characteristics of the apparition, and how he had turned and walked down the hallway, she found that Matt had stopped eating and had a solemn expression on his face.

“The spirit stood in the doorway?” he asked. “And then turned towards the bathroom?”

Puzzled, Chelsea confirmed that, yes, that was what she had thought she had seen.

Matt nodded and said, “you weren’t dreaming. I see that figure all the time, standing in the doorway of our bedroom.”

Both Matt and Chelsea had multiple experiences seeing the apparition in the house until they eventually decided to move.

They suspected that the house contained a residual haunting.

3) The Possessive Ghost – Real Ghost Stories from the Grave

Growing up, Jennifer and her friends heard multiple true ghost stories about the local cemetery and how it was haunted.

When she became old enough to drive, she and her buddies would often go up there and hang out in a pavilion across the street, curious about the cemetery but far too frightened to venture through it.

As the years progressed, Jennifer kept hearing that many bad things had happened in the cemetery, but she never heard any of the grisly details.

After she became an adult, she decided it was finally time to investigate. Jennifer contacted a local paranormal investigation team and suggested that they check out Goshen Cemetery.

She was both excited and nervous when they told her she could accompany them on their investigation.

Their trip began a few minutes after the sun went down. They slowly made their way through the cemetery, combing through space together.

Nothing happened for the first few hours, except for the random chirping and squeaks of animals that called the cemetery home.

It was roughly around midnight when things grew infinitely more sinister. Jennifer and the team began to notice a soft glowing light coming from the furthest corner of the cemetery.

She was frightened by this sudden activity but worked up the courage to remain with the group to check out what it was. But the closer they got, the light somehow seemed farther and farther away.

By the time they had made it to the far edge of the cemetery, the light had disappeared altogether.

Everyone was surprised to find that only a single headstone resided in that section of the park. The grave was unmarked and seemed quite old.

As Jennifer stared down at it, an intense chill began to run through her body. The team members sensed her sudden discomfort and began to ask questions to any spirits who were in the area.

After a few minutes, the chilly sensation eased up, and Jennifer felt a little less panicked.

The following day, one of the members of the team contacted Jennifer to show her the evidence they had gathered.

They sent her two Electronic Voice Phenomena – also known as EVPs – some photographs and one video, all of which had been recorded or taken right after Jennifer began to experience the sudden chill.

The pictures showed multiple misty apparitions standing on either side of Jennifer. The video showed the mists form and slowly began to circle around her right as she could be seen visibly shivering on the video.

One of the EVPs was too faint to distinguish, but the other was clearly a man’s voice saying, ‘pretty’ and ‘mine.’

Jennifer and the team did a little research and discovered that the unmarked grave belonged to a man who had died in the early 1800s.

According to town records, the man was rather popular with the ladies and many townsfolk suspected that he had been murdered as a result.  Talk about real-life ghost stories!

4) The Wound – A Most Unhappy Spirit

A man named Jim came forward with one of the scariest real ghost stories many people had ever heard.

One evening he was home alone, lounging on his couch watching television when a slight movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention.

Jim glanced into the open doorway of his bedroom, through which he could see the open entrance to his closet.

A million goosebumps began to form on Jim’s arms as he watched a man slowly emerge from the dark shadows of the closet and stand upright.

The ghostly figure had started walking towards the opposite side of the bedroom, but suddenly stopped and turned to look at Jim head-on. Slowly, the apparition raised a finger to his lips and then turned around.

Jim let out a low yelp as he saw that a large chunk of the man’s head was missing and blood was oozing down the back of his neck. The spirit walked back into the closet and promptly disappeared.

Jim found this encounter to be quite terrifying but was even more creeped out when he told his landlord about the incident, and the landlord admitted that the tenant who had lived in the house, before Jim and his wife, had committed suicide in the bedroom.

Jim found the small bullet hole in the ceiling immediately after. He and his wife then decided to find a new place to live.

5) The Count – A Whispering Voice

And the final addition to our collection of real-life ghost stories: When Stacey’s son was just a few months old, he learned how to laugh for the first time.

Ecstatic and eager to show her husband, Stacey grabbed her phone and started recording it.

In order to make her son laugh some more, she set him on her knee and began to repeatedly bounce him up and down.

As she did so, she would count with each bounce, “one, two, three.” Her son quickly started laughing, and Stacey did this a couple of times as her cell phone continued to record.

Afterward, Stacey set her son down and played the recording back. On it, she could hear her son laughing, and her own voice counting.

But after she said “three” she could clearly hear a man’s voice say “four,” as if he had been sitting right beside her.

Stacey and her son were home alone at the time, and none of the televisions or radios in the house had been on.

True Ghost Stories Are All Around Us

Spirits in shows and movies are creepy, but they have nothing on these true ghost stories.

As each of us goes through our daily lives, none of us seem to consider that there are entities all around us, watching our every move.

It’s only once in a while that we are offered a glimpse into this other realm, and more often than not, we sincerely wish that we hadn’t.

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