Haunted Secrets: Tales of James Moran
Haunted Secrets: Tales of James Moran
Haunted Secrets: Tales of James Moran

Haunted Secrets: Tales of James Moran

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Inheriting his family's legacy proves more perilous than precious for James Moran…

Haunted relics hide chilling secrets in Moran & Moran, a family-owned antique shop where the past refuses to stay buried. Each meticulously chosen artifact throbs with a supernatural presence, beckoning to a world where spirits linger.

Follow James as he embarks on a dangerous family mission against a vengeful spirit, deciphers cryptic warnings from a restless spirit trapped in a skull, and protects powerful artifacts from a sinister collector.

This anthology features seven thrilling tales that plunge you into the mysteries of Moran's world. Available exclusively on our website, "Haunted Secrets: Tales of James Moran" promises to blur the lines between ancestral curses and hauntings.

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