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Blood Carousel

Blood Carousel

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Step right up, enjoy the show, and pay no attention to the eyes watching from the darkness.

The carnival is back in town, and for Jack Heldon, that's not a good sign. Since the last time it had come to the small and quiet Lensfield, Connecticut, he’s been plagued with nightmares of burning walls, raspy chuckles, and fiery red eyes in the dark. Ted Barton’s killing spree is still fresh in his mind, and Jack knows the carnival was behind it all.

Now it’s back for more.

But the people of Lensfield are none the wiser. As they are drawn into the lights and music of Ebenezer’s Carnival, evil begins to feed again. Jack and his friends are forced to come face to face with the horrors of their past, and the evil that tore them apart. While trying to break the carnival’s hold, they quickly realize that debts must be paid, and promises cannot be ignored.

Because there’s no escaping the clutches of Ebenezer's Carnival and the screams within.

159 pages

Danny Bufano flinched at the first sound of thunder.

He sat on the motel bed, cross-legged and dressed only in his jeans. He briefly looked at his watch, made sure he still had some time before Jack picked him up, and went back to the open files strewn across his bed. He frowned in concentration as he read through one of the several newer reports that had been faxed to him by his office in New York.

Danny scratched at the scars on his abdomen from the laparoscopic procedure that had stapled his stomach. He hadn't felt an itch there since the procedure, but over time, it had become a habitual scratching that accompanied deep thinking. And right now, Danny was engrossed in what he was reading.

His research had taken him almost three years to compile, ever since he had received the package that had started it all; anonymously sent to his New York office and placed dead center on his desk for him to find. The mailroom hadn't had a clue as to where the package had come from, but once opened, Danny's world had been turned upside down.

Thunder crackled outside again, and Danny felt the window of his motel room shake with the force of the storm. He wondered if Jack would be coming anyway, the torrents outside enough to make any sane man think twice about leaving the shelter of the indoors. Danny rubbed the nape of his neck and continued reading.

When he had gone to his editor with his theory on Ebenezer's Carnival, he had come dangerously close to losing his job. It had been a heated discussion, with his editor ordering him to stop wasting time with theories and actually do some proper investigative work. It hadn't mattered what Danny said; there was no concrete proof that any of the deaths and missing person's reports that followed the traveling carnival across the nation had anything to do with the establishment itself. The world was striking it off as coincidence, but Danny knew better.

Knowing that the paper wouldn't support his quest for the truth, Danny had begun calling on favors to get what he wanted, and always made sure his editor remained in the dark. What he got was enough to warrant a return to Lensfield and a deeper investigation into the carnival itself.

Danny hated lying to Jack, but truth be told, he knew how his friend would react if faced with the evidence he had been collecting over the years. Danny remembered the fire well. He could never forget the crazed look on Ted Barton's face before the house was engulfed in flames.

And the eyes. Those red, blazing eyes.

They had all lost a chunk of their innocence that night, each and every one of the 'Bionic Six'. Danny would never admit it, though, would never give it the power to shock him back into the vegetative state he had been in when the flames had begun to lick at him and burn his skin. He remembered Faith's screams, and the paralyzing fear that had stopped him from helping her when she needed it the most. If not for Jack and Michael, there would have been two more charred bodies to find in the wreckage of the Barton farm.

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