Captive: Demonic Games Series Book 3
Captive: Demonic Games Series Book 3
Captive: Demonic Games Series Book 3
Captive: Demonic Games Series Book 3

Captive: Demonic Games Series Book 3

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When demons rise, the captives of Castle Vaduva will fall amongst the rubble…

For months, Mihail Vaduva has been battling the ghosts of his ancestral home to uncover the truth behind his family history. Every answer he’s encountered has left him reeling with deep wounds on his soul. But that pain has propelled him forward and he’s determined to know the truth, even if it destroys him.

With the help of Abe, Mihail peels back the layers of mystery and madness surrounding these sinister secrets. Each discovery makes him question his identity, his family, and everything he’s ever known. When he uncovers the final piece of the puzzle, Mihail’s life will never be the same.

As the war between his grandmother and the demonic forces rages on, Mihail finds himself trapped on the battlefield as his life rips apart at the seams. He’s about to discover that there are things worse than death. As darkness closes in, he must make one last desperate attempt for freedom, or remain a captive of Castle Vaduva…forever.

PUBLICATION DATE February 23, 2018


Chapter 10

Radu returned shortly after Abe had finished his task. He burst into the house with a gust of frigid air and careening snowflakes to find the other two studying the model that now claimed much of the space. Fighting his way free of his jacket and boots, both of which were currently creating puddles across the floor, he quickly glanced over the area and asked,

“Is this the whole of the castle?”

“I’m fairly sure it’s not,” Mihail admitted. “There are too many hidden rooms and passageways and it all doubles back on each other. The moment I think I’ve seen everything, I move a painting and find a whole other wing.”

Radu took another look, and frowned, “Who built this place?”

“What’s in the bag?” Abe asked.

Mihail had been so focused on his task that he hadn’t even spotted the large bag Radu was carrying. It looked very much like Abe’s, only with the police logo branded on the side in an almost fluorescent ink. It seemed full to the brim, but Radu had no problem lifting it above his head.

“Presents,” he declared with a grin. “And for the record, Abe, this covers me for all future birthdays and Christmases.”

With one careful but swift step, Abe was able to snatch the bag from Radu’s hand.

“I’m Jewish,” Abe smiled and took the bag to the kitchen.

It hadn’t occurred to Mihail at the time, but when he had sent Abe to eat, the table had already been claimed by his project. He supposed that his friend had made do by sitting on the floor because that was where he settled down now, legs splayed out, back against the cabinets, and bag between his knees.

“Okay,” Radu said as he eased himself down to sit opposite him. “Let’s compare notes.”

“What did you learn?” The words rushed out of Mihail’s mouth like a floodgate had failed.

“Pretty much what I expected,” Radu eased. He waited until Mihail was sitting cross-legged to continue. “No one’s in a big hurry to help a murderous witch. We’ll have a bit of time before anyone starts interfering.”

Mihail wasn’t sure what he should feel about these revelations. Sitting silently, he waited for the raw rush of righteous anger he knew should come. After all, law enforcement had just abandoned an elderly woman because of superstition. He waited, but didn’t feel anything.

Is it still a ‘superstition’ if it’s correct? Mihail pushed the thought away. His grandmother, identity theft, even the way the town of Rupt Teren clung to old traditions, beliefs, and horrors were only distractions. They blinded him to the danger that loomed over him like a dagger ready to drop.

What’ll happen if we can’t save Draciana? The question rolled around his mind, unable to find a reliable answer, only terrifying whispers of his imaginationHe could no longer kid himself that she was as ignorant as he was about all of this. If anything, she seemed to be the gatekeeper. The one who decided which souls remained to roam, restless and violent. Would her death set them free? Throw open the doors and let the dead spread like a plague? And what if there’s something worse she’s been keeping prisoner? A gnawing sense of helplessness opened behind Mihail’s ribs and he grappled for something to distract him from his thoughts.

While he had been distracted, Abe had been busy emptying out Radu’s bag.

“Bulletproof vests?” The material was thick and rigid, keeping its shape as Abe held it up before him, staring at it as if closer inspection would prove it to be something else. “Seriously?”

“People do like stabbing you,” Mihail commented.

Both men turned to look at him. Only Radu was amused.

“What? A doll tried to kill you last night,” Mihail said.

“Mostly you,” Radu said.

Mihail frowned, “It was trying to take me. That’s different.”

“While we’re on the subject,” Radu said. “Can we discuss where it might have taken you?”

“Home,” Abe said.

“To the castle?” Radu asked.

“Well, there are only two options. One; the guy impersonating him had orders to bring Mihail back. Or two; Draciana wanted to stash him away somewhere. Take your pick.”

Radu looked at him for a long moment. “That’s not exactly how my brain works. I’m going to need a bit more.”

“Like what?” Abe asked.

“What on earth would they want with him?”

Mihail tried not to take offence at the thumb that was jerked in his direction. The least he could do was look at me when he said it, Mihail thought as he silently watched the pair.

“He’d be a decent bargaining chip against Draciana. Though I doubt even threatening to kill her grandson would be enough to make that woman bow,” Abe replied.

“So,” Radu stretched the word out as he lifted his hands to mimic scales. “I’m hearing that we think the doppelganger made the doll.”

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