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A gruesome story begins to take form in his mind.

After the success of his first novel, John Krik has struggled to come up with a follow-up that his fans would eagerly gobble up. On a spur of the moment decision, John leaves his suburban married life to spend six months in an abandoned house in the quiet eerie town of Cafeville, where secrets lurk in every corner. The towns’ biggest source of gossip is the Greens who live right next door. 

As John attempts to put his finger on what it is about the house that has everyone steering clear, he finds himself captivated by the seductively charming Eva Green, who is as dangerous as she is irresistible. A gruesome story begins to take form in his mind.

As the lines between fiction and reality become blurred, something sinister emerges from the shadows and demands to be heard.

165 pages

John woke up with a start, his breathing harsh, his heart racing. His head was screaming, the pain of inexplicable pressure within forcing him to squeeze at his temples as he tried to stop the world around him from spinning.

He tried to get out of bed, his legs buckling slightly, and he quickly grabbed onto the bedpost to stop himself from falling. Feeling his way across the room, his eyes shut tightly as he tried to wish the pain away, made his way into the bathroom, fell in front of the toilet and heaved.

He hadn't eaten anything all day, but torrents came out of his mouth, and soon he was coughing uncontrollably and curling into a fetal position on the bathroom floor. His entire body seemed to spasm, and he felt incredibly cold despite the warmth of the house. Waiting for the attack to subside, he pushed himself to his feet, holding onto the sink for support, and quickly turned the water on. He washed his face, the cold water shocking him out of his spasms, and quickly started to feel the effects of his attack wear off.

He staggered back into the bedroom, slowly making his way to the comfort of his bed. His eyes caught sight of his laptop, open on his desk, the usual blank page he had grown accustomed to seeing now full of words. He frowned. Barely able to hold himself up, he leaned against the chair and took a closer look at the screen, blinking repeatedly and waiting for his imagination to regress and the blank screen to reappear.

He hadn't imagined it, though.

John stared dumbfounded at the beginning of a story he couldn't remember writing.

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