Night Terrors Vol. 25: Short Horror Stories Anthology
Night Terrors Vol. 25: Short Horror Stories Anthology

Night Terrors Vol. 25: Short Horror Stories Anthology

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ūüó£ Narrated by Johnny Raven and Stephanie Shade

Enter a new realm of nightmares…

An ancient legend comes to life, when a savage creature stalks a terrified girl through the jungle. A mission to Mars takes a grisly turn, as the last surviving astronaut encounters horror beyond comprehension. And the shadows that lurk in a young boy’s bedroom become sinister protectors, lashing out at the child’s cruel and dysfunctional family…

Scare Street is proud to present this beastly new collection, bursting at the seams with sixteen tales of dread and fear. Each story is a passport to a secret world, a dark dimension of bone-shivering terror.

The portal looms up ahead, guarding the entrance to the underworld. Smoke fills the air, and distant screams pierce the night. The wrought iron gate slams shut behind you. Pillars of fire lead the way, illuminating the path as your journey into fear begins.

But whatever you do, don’t lose sight of the trail. Because once you enter this strange world of nightmares, one wrong step could be your last…

This volume contains the following short stories:

No Bones, Just Skin by Warren Benedetto
Vineyard of the Wicked by Eldon Litchfield
The Elevator Game by Brandon Ebinger
This World is Not My Home by Oliver C. Seneca
A Long, Long Way by Mathew L. Reyes
Trash by Alex Zalben
Feline Devotion by Justin Boote
Calling all Children by Joshua Orr
Her Black Hair by Adam Noyes
Dark by David-Jack Fletcher
Wrath of Shadows by P. D. Williams
Crossroads by Eve Morton
Dietary Restrictions by Andrew Wilmot
The Piano in the Basement by Matt Bliss
Mice by Nikki Zambon
Doorways by Ron Ripley and Kevin Saito

8 hours and 12 minutes

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